Dairy Bar

Building Description

The building has the looks of a small cafe and is conveniently located between several academic buildings, perfect for a quick bite to eat. The Dairy Bar uses over 900 cows to produce its signature products, including ice cream, cheese, and yogurt, which are sold on campus. The products are also served in Cornell Dining facilities for students and faculty consumption. The dairy is used as a training facility for students in both the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine.


The Cornell Dairy Bar is located near the Agriculture Quad and sells ice cream designed by undergraduate students. Flavors include the common strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, and the more esoteric Dean's Berry Swirl, Clocktower Pumpkin and Banana Berry Skorton.

None Specified
Tower Road
None accessible.
Handicap Access
Located in the front of the building.
Ice Cream Bar
Located on the upper level (stairs on the left side of the bar)

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