Pegram Residence Hall

Building Description

Pegram Residence Hall is home to 125 first year Duke students. Pegram is a co-ed dorm, with male and female students living on the same hall. Pegram is located in the back of Main East Quad, adjacent to Baldwin Auditorium.

Pegram Residence Hall is part of the Neighborhood 1 dorms on East Campus along with Bassett, Brown and Alspaugh. Like other Neighborhood 1 dorms, Pegram is a non air-conditioned dorm, although individual air-conditioning units are administered under special circumstances.

Pegram is staffed by one Graduate Assistant and five Resident Assistants under the supervision of Residence Coordinator Allison Burzo. Further, the Faculty in residence of Alspaugh is currently Hsiao-Mei Ku, Associate Professor of the Practice of Music and Member of Ciompi Quartet. This year, Pegram will include the Arts Community, which aims to give first-year students exposure to the both Duke and Durham arts activities and opportunities.


The Residence Hall opened in 1927, and was named for William H. Pegram '73, a Trinity College chemistry professor for 55 years. Pegram was a faculty member who moved with Trinity College from Randolph County to Durham.

Duke University
118 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Additional Rooms
Students living in Pegram enjoy a kitchen area and a large common room area on the first floor with a television, ping pong table and three large couches. Further, the Residence Hall contains three study rooms. Two are adjacent to the common room on the first floor and the other is on the third floor of the building. The building contains two laundry rooms. One is on the first floor and contains one washer and one dryer. The other is on the second floor and contains 5 driers and 4 washers.
There is one womenís bathroom and one menís bathroom on each of the three floors of the building.
Vending Machines
There are three vending machines all located on the first floor next to the guest bathroom.

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