The Black Card

The Campus Destinations Black Card is easy to use

Cardholders must sign the card once they have purchased it for it to be valid. This is to ensure your protection and the validity of the Black Card.

When presenting this card in order to receive discounts at restaurants or clubs, you must also present an additional photo ID.

For delivery orders this rule still applies, you must show your Black Card and an additional ID. If no valid ID is presented, the discount will NOT be given and you must pay the difference. This is to verify your signature and the authenticity of the card. An example of the card is shown below.

Black Card Example

What if you lost your card?

Since this is not a credit card, we cannot verify all users cards. So, unfortunately, We cannot issue replacement cards for free to our cardholders.

In the event that your card is lost, you may easily repurchase your card online from us here.