Company Overview


Campus Destinations is a leading information services company for college campuses and college-based communities. Since 2005, the company has operated successfully to save students both time and money. College students and the local communities benefit from multiple products and services the Company offers, including:

  • CD Citations: Campus Destinations' citation tool which allows users to automate citations in MLA format for free. Users can upgrade to premium / pro accounts to get more features including APA and Chicago / Turabian citations.
  • Black Card: The Black Card enables the college community to save at various national and local vendors. Over the years, Campus Destinations has partnered with such vendors at Chipotle, 1-800 Flowers, and to bring discounts to the college market.
  • Textbooks Search: Campus Destinations has created an easy to use interface to search, compare and buy textbooks from various vendors including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Average savings from users using this feature are above 60%.
  • Classifier: Classifier enables students to optimize their schedule on-campus. The application allows students to pick various classes in a primary and secondary bookbag and compare schedules in real time. Students can also schedule personal events, input comments, and export their schedule to Outlook / iCal and Facebook.
  • On Campus Information: Campus Destinations has aggregated content about on-campus locations at over 40 universities. These popular campus destinations highlight facilities, cool facts and more.
  • Local Business Information: Campus Destinations has aggregated content about local businesses around 40+ universities. Users can explore recommendations, reviews and information at all of these locations and registered users can share their experiences.

Campus Destinations also has a patent pending for its on-campus mapping software. This software enables pedestrians to move about their college campuses through either a safest route or the quickest route. The development of this software has been on-going for the past 5 years. Inquiries regarding our software or for sales, please e-mail


Campus Destinations, Inc. was founded by Arup Banerjee and Scott Siegel in 2005. The company was originally called Devil Destinations as it was pioneered at Duke University. Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth in the college spectrum and has collected information at over 200 universities. The company has been funded by angel investors and the management team over the past 5 years and is privately held.

For additional information or press inquiries, please e-mail