McCutcheon House

Building Description

Built in 1813, the McCutchen House is located in the historic Horseshoe on USCís campus. Originally used as a residence, it is now home to the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM). Many organizations under the HRTM umbrella are also housed in the facility, including the Culinary Institute of Carolina, Institute for Tourism Research, International Institute for Food Research and Education, and the Wine and Beverage Institute. The McCutcheon House also operates a full-service restaurant, serving a lunch buffet throughout the school year, opening the Garden Grille for lunch during the summer months, and catering for private and professional events throughout the year.


After being built in 1813, the McCutchen House served as a faculty residence. The building was named for Professor George McCutchen, who lived in the house from 1915 until World War II. After undergoing extensive renovations in the 1970s, the McCutchen House became a private dining club for faculty and administrative staff for many years. Since that time, the McCutchen House has transformed into a dining establishment and place for culinary education operated by USCís School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management.

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902 Sumter Street, Columbia, SC 29208
Affiliated Departments
School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM)
The McCutchen House has bathrooms throughout.
Cell Phone Access
Most cellular providers get reception in the above ground
facilities. Some service providers stronger than others.
Computer Access
There is no public computer access in McCutcheon House.
Wi-Fi Access
There is no Wi-Fi access in McCutchen House.

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