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Building Description

The University Chapel, adjacent to the Rotunda, offers a beautiful location for weddings and other events, or just a quiet place to sit for students.


Thomas Jefferson’s plans to not have a University run by a sect of a Church were taken too far, some felt, by not initially building a chapel on campus. This was remedied in 1899, when the chapel was officially opened after his death.

While religious ceremonies do not take place in the chapel in deference to Thomas Jefferson’s plans for the University, it is available for weddings and other important life events for both University students & alumni and others, although students and alumni realize a considerable savings when booking the chapel. Sometimes as many as six weddings take place here on a busy Spring Saturday.

The architecture used in the building is Gothic Revival, a bit of a contrast to the Jeffersonian architecture used throughout the rest of the University buildings. An almond-shaped stained glass window by Tiffany Studios is just one of the architectural marvels of this building. A Skinner pipe organ, similar to the one in Old Cabell Hall, is one of the other priceless features of this chapel.

There are no plans for renovations or restorations of the chapel, currently.

(434) 924-3203
Newcomb Hall, Room 436 PO Box 400701, Charlottesville VA 22904
None. Closest restrooms are in the Rotunda or Alderman Library.
-Seats 250 people.
-Wheelchair accessible through front and back.
-Air Conditioned in summer, heated in winter
-No changing areas or restrooms.
-Must be booked well in advance for weddings and other occasions. Booking is via lottery system and there is no guarantee that the chapel will be booked until the person has been notified that they have “won the lottery” and can officially book; see
Computer/Internet Access
None. Wireless may be available through Cavalier Link but not recommended.

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